Koleton's Story

Throughout my life, I've seen so many people go through something that they couldn't come back from and I feel like the majority of those issues are all in your head. When I was a freshman in high school I slipped a disc in my back and it was so painful that it was difficult to play sports. In high school, my life revolved around different sports that kept me very active and this injury took a huge toll on me. I did whatever I could to recover from this injury and nothing seemed to work for me. I went to the chiropractor and that ended up making my back even worse. It made my back so much worse, it actually turned my "slipped disc" injury into a fractured L4. At this point, I thought there would be no way I would be able to play sports again and after hearing from a specialist that I may never be able to walk again I got very nervous. Despite the odds that were stacked against me, I pushed through and found a physical therapist that was able to help me manage the pain. To this day I have a fractured bone in my back but regardless of what I do, that injury will never hold me back. Things are tough and they always will be, but, if you can make a change to better yourself and push through a difficult time, do it! I started PTW with the goal of making people smile and to help them "Pave the Way" through life. Get yourself some gear and find your path in life! - Koleton Strauss